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We offer a variety of services from a 1 to 2  hour consultation asking Ben all the questions you want to a full edible landscape design. Check out our services below.

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Permaculture Property Design

Quarter acre to 50+ acres. Lets design your property with a holistic approach to your soil, gardens, trees and animals. 

Edible Gardening How to Consult.

From small vege gardens to the full monty with tunnel houses, berries and fruit trees. Lets make it all edible. This can be anything from a one off consult pick our brains on ideas to a full design.

Orchards and Food Forests

Designed to be brimming with understory life. Nature isn't about having to kill. Lets create an orchard to suit your needs and space. 

Home and Commercial Composting Systems

Need some advice and a helping hand or a system designed to suit your organic matter streams. We don't favour one system over another we design to your needs abiding by the KISS  rulebook.

Soil Testing

Testing the soil gives us a starting point and stops us driving blind. Its all about the minerals and often forgotten biology!!!

Mentoring Fruit Tree pruning.

We have been of the land for thousands of years. We just need to remember how to do it. Let us prune your fruit trees together, we offer a yearly returning service till you feel confident enough to do it alone.

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